$84 Billion Strong and Growing

With $84 billion in CURRENT projects and long-term investments since 2010, the Beaumont - Port Arthur - Orange market is in a position of power unlike any other in Texas. Multiple industrial expansions are spurring remarkable growth in all areas of commerce.
And the best is yet to come.

For a proven, supportive infrastructure with international reach and direct economic impact — IT'S ON in Southeast Texas.

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It's On in Southeast Texas

Explore the burgeoning industrial growth of Southeast Texas, where oil and gas refineries are expanding despite challenges like Hurricane Harvey, paving the way for economic resurgence and new opportunities in the Golden Triangle region. From energy projects to education initiatives, witness the rise of Southeast Texas as it becomes a thriving hub of innovation and development.

It's On in Southeast Texas: Discover Southeast Texas

Discover Southeast Texas, where its strategic location, proven infrastructure, and skilled workforce drive a booming economy centered around refining, petrochemicals, and energy projects, fostering a nexus of international influence and growth. With major investments from global giants like Exxon Mobil, Total, and others, Southeast Texas emerges as a hub of innovation, poised to shape industries and economies on a global scale.

It's On in Southeast Texas: Living in Southeast Texas

Come experience the rich traditions, blended cultures, seafood and soul, towering pines that surround fishing and hunting excursions, sporting events and entertainment, along with the adventures of the rivers, lakes, and shores. It’s On in Southeast Texas.

It's On in Southeast Texas: Workforce

Step into the thriving landscape of Southeast Texas, where culture, industry, and opportunity intertwine to create an exceptional environment for living, working, and playing. With a strong economic foundation, robust infrastructure, and a skilled workforce fostered by nationally recognized colleges and training providers, Southeast Texas offers a unique advantage for businesses to flourish and individuals to excel in diverse fields such as petrochemicals, maritime, healthcare, and more.

It's On in Southeast Texas: Environmental Stewardship

Known as the Golden Triangle and the birthplace of the American oil boom, Southeast Texas has evolved into a hub of industrial prowess. This region's success in petrochemicals comes with a renewed focus on environmental stewardship, with improved air and water quality, scientific studies, and groundbreaking carbon capture projects.


With the biggest names in oil and gas investing in production right here, the future is stacked with more supply and more demand for jobs.

Higher production means more employment in many areas such as:

  • New Projects of $1 Billion; Estimating 2,000 New Construction Jobs* — Energy Transfer
  • 3rd Crude Distillation Unit to Increase to 600K Barrels/Day — ExxonMobil
  • $10 Billion Liquefaction Project, Exporting LNG Gas — Golden Pass LNG
  • $10 Billion LNG Liquefaction Terminal — Port Arthur LNG
  • Est. $8 - $10 Billion in Integrating Petrochemicals to Largest Refinery in North America — Motiva w/ Honeywell UOP & Technip FMC
  • $1.7 Billion Steamcracker — Total Refinery
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Unlike many markets, the Golden Triangle has experienced a certain degree of economic protection from drastic fluctuations in the national economy. The supportive infrastructure surrounding the giants of oil and gas is key to this success.

With the multitude of engineering firms, fabrication shops, contractors, industrial supply manufacturers, and large equipment distributors positioned throughout the communities, Southeast Texas is built for production. The foundational spirit of support is evident in commercial employment and small business as well. Wholesale, retail, service industries, real estate, education, and financial instituions thrive in this economic position.

“So much is coming, but it’s not just the potential. It’s here, and it’s on NOW,” says, Jim Rich, Executive Director of Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation.

“Just a quick drive through Southeast Texas, the construction of hotels says a lot. The need for skilled workforce is bringing workers with families from all over. That means hotels, restaurants, real estate, growth in schools...it’s more than just a jolt to our economy. It’s long-term growth.


The tools and rewards of success all live here in Southeast Texas.

The environment, the location, and the cultural connections have provided foundational elements of economic power for generations.

Diverse clientele, rich natural resources, and cultural influences fill the market with opportunities for incremental growth.

Transportation by rail, waterways, pipelines, air, and major US highways give the unique, powerful ability to import and export globally. With the large storage availability and room to grow, logistics make the area attractive to international distributors and suppliers.

Jefferson Energy in Orange County, for example, receives crude by rail from one of the most prolific production basins in North America. Jefferson delivers high quality crude to refineries throughout the Gulf Coast. Jefferson also exports refined products to Mexico and ethanol to international markets for clean fuel.

International companies invest their futures in Beaumont - Port Arthur - Orange. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Germany, The Netherlands, Qatar, France, and Canada are all represented with world-class facilities.

Global energy starts here in the Golden Triangle.

Now is a strategic time to relocate, add, or expand your business to Southeast Texas.
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Explore the Workforce Advantage of Southeast Texas, a region known as The Golden Triangle, where history and innovation meet. With a rich legacy rooted in the 1901 oil boom, this area has evolved into a hub of economic vitality. Nestled between the cities of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange, the Golden Triangle thrives as a center of the petrochemical industry, offering diverse opportunities for both business growth and career advancement.

What sets Southeast Texas apart is its strong commitment to environmental stewardship. Through rigorous monitoring and stringent regulations, the region has witnessed significant reductions in air pollutants like benzene and ozone levels, ensuring cleaner air for its communities. The natural beauty of the area, characterized by serene lakes, winding rivers, and vibrant forests, complements the efforts to preserve the environment.

Beyond its industrial prowess, Southeast Texas also leads in forward-thinking initiatives. As pioneers in carbon capture and sequestration, the region is embarking on a revolutionary offshore carbon storage project. This groundbreaking endeavor demonstrates its dedication to reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a sustainable future.

In Southeast Texas, the workforce advantage extends beyond its industrial might. With top-notch education, specialized training programs, and a commitment to safety, the region cultivates a skilled workforce prepared to excel in various fields. The Golden Triangle harmonizes its energy heritage with a modern approach, embracing innovation and environmental responsibility to shape a vibrant, prosperous future.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant lifestyle of Southeast Texas, known affectionately as The Golden Triangle. Steeped in rich history and cultural diversity, this region boasts an exciting mix of attractions, opportunities, and experiences that cater to everyone's preferences.

Nestled between the Sabine River and the Gulf Coast, Southeast Texas offers a dynamic blend of landscapes. From the serene lakes framed by towering pine forests to the sandy beaches and bayous, nature enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. Whether you're fishing along the rivers or embarking on outdoor adventures in the lush national preserves, the region's natural beauty is an ever-present backdrop.

But it's not just about nature; the Golden Triangle thrives as a hub for industry and innovation. With its prominent petrochemical complexes and a maritime industry that plays a pivotal role in the global economy, the region offers robust career opportunities across various sectors. The Southeast Texas workforce advantage is powered by top-notch education, training programs, and a commitment to safety, making it an attractive destination for professionals seeking growth.

The blend of cultural influences, from Cajun traditions to Texas pride, adds a unique flavor to the region. A strong sense of community, diverse churches, and family-friendly activities like high school football games and indulging in local delicacies like crawfish further enhance the quality of life here.

In the Golden Triangle, history, progress, and nature coalesce, offering a lifestyle that's as dynamic as it is enriching. From enjoying the outdoors to embracing a tight-knit community, Southeast Texas invites you to discover a balanced blend of tradition and modernity.

Position of Power

Environment | Location | Innovation | Education | Production

There’s a world of ability and opportunity that puts Southeast Texas in a position of power.

Premier Waterways

Two of the nation’s busiest5 ports (Beaumont & Port Arthur) make SETX a strategic center for businesses all across the world. The Sabine and Neches Rivers feed into the Gulf of Mexico allowing for streamlined execution and distribution.

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Mission-Critical Logistics

Logistics play a vital role in global commerce for Orange, Jefferson, Hardin, Newton, and Chambers counties. Along with pipelines and major US highways, railroads throughout SETX transport mission-critical products far and wide.

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Cultural and Commercial Success

SETX is home to art, culture, sports and outdoors, and entrepreneurial spirit. The area continues to produce renowed athletes and artists, chart-topping musicians, national businesses, and inspiring start-ups.

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The Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation is designed to inform, educate, and assist individuals and organizations from out of market looking to move business or expand operations to our community.

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“Southeast Texas continues to make an enormous impact on the global economy. Superior infrastructure, access to international markets, and a sustainable workforce attract investments in the billions. We fuel the world and create opportunities that change lives.”

Jessica Hill
Project Manager, Business and Economic Development
Entergy Texas Inc.

“Our region is where you find diverse communities who work together like nowhere else. Southeast Texas is the heart of economic development. A heart that beats strong.”

Kay DeCuir
Executive Director
Nederland Economic Development Corporation

“We are the ultimate hub for international cargo shipping. We are America’s energy gateway but also the gateway to the world.”

Larry Kelley
Port Director
Port of Port Arthur

Be a Part of the Growth

Energy is both a literal and figurative force in Southeast Texas.

The oil boom of Spindletop set the course for the area and the 20th Century, but now we’re seeing a new era unlike ever before in economic momentum that will shape the future with broad, international reach.

The success has just begun, so now’s your time to be a part of the rise.

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